Ideal Independent Combi Boiler

Ideal Independent Combi Boiler comes in a pack which includes a Flue & built in timeclock as standard.

24Kw Flow Rate @ 35°C: 9.9 litres per minute

30Kw Flow Rate @ 35°C: 12.4 litres per minute

35Kw Flow Rate @ 35°C: 14.5 litres per minute

2 Year Guarantee
Exceptional value for money
Tried and tested technology
Sedbuk A rated
Quick & easy to install
Compact cupboard fit H-700 W-395 D-278
Boiler Frost protection included
Mechanical timer in-built as standard
Digital operating & diagnostics display
Fast hot water response through DHW preheat
Made in the UK
Want a longer warranty period? Then upgrade to the Ideal Independent Plus Combi Boiler model which is exactly the same but offers an extended 7 year warranty period.